Sunday, September 28, 2008

little things for little people

For me the 'nesting stage' of pregnancy everyone talks so much about didn't really kick in until the last two weeks before Maxwell arrived, which of course left me severely under-organised and panic struck - where were all the things i'd planned on having done... the nursery wall paintings, the hand printed sheet sets, the original outfit making etc etc? Clearly I had been in denial until the OB said "it's time to induce" and then of course there was bugger all time to get much of anything done. I did however manage to turn a few drawings i'd been working on into some customised 'onesies', which was great because it made me feel like i'd made an effort to ensure he'd have something a little bit different from the other little widgets in baby blue and pretty pink at the Freemason's.
The first try was a bit of a wobbly gingham robot inspired by Bender from Futurama...which was all machine stitched... but as I didn't have any iron on backing so we had to go 'free form' with mixed results.
I think this is the most successful probably due to the hand embroidery of the felt onto a more solid fabric, although the polka dot robot below is really quite charming in his own 'special' little way.
Thankfully we've had some warm weather over the weekend so Max got a chance to wear them before he grows out of them - they all looked great especially combined with his red stripey pants...
Actually overall I was pretty happy with the way they turned out given how difficult it was to bend over my uber belly to work the old Janome -i'm thinking of doing more fabric 'drawings' once Max and I sort out some kind of schedule that let's me get more than a half hour to get things done, people keep telling me it will happen.


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