Saturday, August 26, 2006

Illustration friday - run

here's another exercise in mouse generated illustration - it's weird after drawing with a felt tip for so long to have started this blog with the idea of only working with a mouse, it's kind of like going back to working with giant crayons, you cant be too precious about finesse because the stick is unweildly... instant naive art!


marcisenders said...

Cute and funny! I think practice makes perfect with using a mouse, you can always get a tablet

Michelle Lana said...

haha, funny.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

I think I used to spend my weight in gold on nylons... those were the day... NOT


murphy girl said...

great take!

Anonymous said...

Im a great admirer of any girl that wears red shoes and pink dresses, ladder be damned!

Salix Tree said...

Hey cool! Another stocking run! I like the simple style.
I too use my mouse to do digital art, I still can't afford one of those tablets just yet.
Love the silly skirt and ruffle!

Anonymous said...


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